General: Verschoor Travel

Verschoor Travel is your travel and holiday specialist since 1923. We take care of your transport per touring car and also offer complete travel package deals, excursions and events . Verschoor Travel is the right place for all your travel experiences! Our team organizes all programs with passion, creativity and concern for your requirements and needs. Complete travel package deals, excursions or events according to your wishes.

With almost 100 years of experience in the travel industry, Verschoor Travel is an expert in all of Europe. Over the past 5 years we have been expanding and are building a worldwide network. Verschoor Travel offers a full-service concept, which means our team will advise you about the various options for your excursion, event or day/evening package deal.

Of course you can choose to specifically use our passenger transport service. With an excellent, young car fleet Verschoor Travel belongs to the top of The Netherlands. Our drivers and hosts contribute to this position with their absolute hospitable attitude.

Almost 100 years taking care of your experiences!

Taking care of trips, excursions, package deals or events, based on your specific wishes and reasonable budget, is an unconditional challenge for the team at Verschoor Travel. Again and again our team succeeds in realizing the most successful events, trips and package deals, using creativity, passion and concern for your needs. Afterwards, when your guests are truly excited and enthusiastic, we experience great satisfaction, and that is one of the reasons why we do what we do!

In her almost 100 years of experience Verschoor Travel has seen all ‘the roads that lead to Rome’. We know where ‘Abraham gets the mustard’, so to speak. That is why you can trust our team to fully take care of the smooth operation of your event, excursion or package deal. We are now carrying on our expertise throughout the world. So, besides transport per touring car, Verschoor Travel offers air travel, cruises, train journeys and auto tours.

We keep it simple: tell us your wishes and we accept the challenge!