Car fleet

Verschoor Travel is a family business with almost 100 years of experience. Over the years we have had many changes in our car fleet. We currently have 12 touringcars with a capacity of 25-88 passengers.

The car fleet of Verschoor Travel is young and luxurious, but also very diverse; from regular touringcars to double-deckers and from VIP coaches to luxurious touringcars. Everything for your comfort! All touringcars are equipped with the latest techniques, the best safety features and the newest engines take the environment into account.

Verschoor Travel is the right place when looking for touring cars with capacities of 25-, 30-, 44-, 49-, 53-, 60-, 62-, 63-, en 75-, 80-, or 88- seats. If we do not have your required type of touringcar available, we can fall back on our extensive network and without a doubt offer you the right service. Verschoor Travel has a fleet of 125 touringcars available through a network of collegial organizations.

All touringcars are equipped with the latest techniques, the best comfort appliances and, of course, they measure up to current environmental requirements. We work with EUR 6 and up touringcars, which are equipped with DVD, TV, refrigerator, optional tables, microphone, restroom, air conditioning, safety belts, leather or fabric seats, luggage trailer and (when needed) a bicycle trailer, etc.