Why? Verschoor Travel

Why would you choose for Verschoor Travel? What makes Verschoor Travel stand out? We like to give you several reasons why Verschoor Travel is the right choice!

Research among our clients and relations clearly shows that Verschoor Travel stands out among others because of the following:


  • Verschoor Travel is a family business, with a 3rd generation management and a 4th generation fully involved. Our business operates on a personal level, we will think with you and we will always make time to discuss your special wishes or conditions.
  • Verschoor Travel is an addition to your organization, we will think with you! With over 90 years of experience we love to share our expertise and to advise where necessary, in order to make sure your trips, events or arrangements will run smoothly for your guests.
  • At Verschoor Travel an agreement is an agreement! Which means, we will do what we have promised. We guarantee quality, service, expertise and custom advice.
  • Just in case one of our touring cars will have technical trouble while on the road, we have a 24-hours service offering a satisfactory solution as fast as possible. “In the past we have had a 15 minutes delay or less, before being able to continue the journey.”
  • Our drivers are being trained in their profession, in hospitality, driving safety, but also in environmental friendly driving. The trainings are taking place on a regular basis. Besides the courses that are mandatory (as set by our industry branch) we sometimes offer extra training.
  • When doing business with Verschoor Travel you make an environmental conscious decision. Our car fleet is young with the newest 4 & 5 engines. You can enjoy optimal comfort and at the same time minimize the emission of your transportation.
  • Verschoor Travel wants to see happy and satisfied customers! Equally important is a smooth and close interaction, which will contribute to a comfortable cooperation between you and the team of Verschoor Travel.

We know you will not be disappointed when you decide to go with Verschoor Travel!